TELEHEALTH Instructions


If you are planning to do your Telehealth appointment from your cell phone, you will need to have an app named Pocket Patient.

  1. When scheduling your Telehealth appointment, you will provide our office staff with an e-mail address. They will turn on your Telehealth access and send you an e-mail which will contain the information you need to get started.
  2. This e-mail will contain a link that you will click and it will direct you to your app store to download the app.
  3. Once it’s done downloading, you can click that same link in the e-mail again and it will open up that app and prompt you to put in your user name(likely your e-mail address, but will be at the top of the e-mail) and then verify your date of birth and last name.
  4. Once this information is verified you will then create a password
  5. At that point you can now log into the app with your user name and password you just created and our practice URL which is
  6. Once you’re logged in, if your provider is ready and waiting you will see a button stating you have a video visit ready and you can click that to be automatically connected to your provider.
  7. If it’s not your appointment time yet, you can come back into the app at your scheduled time or you will receive an e-mail at the provided e-mail address when your provider is ready and waiting.
  8. Once you’ve clicked to join the video visit, you will be prompted with a long consent. You must agree to the terms in order to proceed. If you do not agree or need more time to read all the terms, please feel free to do so and call our office at 734-675-0835 if you should have any questions.

If you have any issues logging in regarding your password-please call our office directly at    734-675-0835 and one of our staff can reset your password immediately for ease of use. It can then be reset to a password of your choosing later. This allows for you to log in quicker and not having to deal with the reset password option prior to your appointment.

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